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MFS Academic Honesty Policy


Academic dishonesty is a major disciplinary offense at Moorestown Friends School. Just as stealing property violates the trust upon which community is built, cheating and plagiarism undermine the intellectual integrity of our program.

Cheating is the presentation of another’s work as one’s own. Academic dishonesty takes many forms including copying homework; looking at someone else’s test; allowing someone to copy from a test, quiz, papers or homework; using Cliffs Notes instead of reading an assigned book; using crib sheets; using computer resources without citation; and using of unauthorized hand-held computers or programs.

Teachers often assign group and cooperative projects; students should be clear in these cases what kind of group effort is acceptable and what is not.

Plagiarism is the term for taking and passing off as one’s own the words, phrases, ideas, plot, or visual images of another. At all levels students are taught to cite sources for any work which is not their own; failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.

Information from electronic sources such as the Internet must be cited as well as information from more traditional print sources. Students with any questions about this policy should consult their Division Director or appropriate faculty.

For help with bibliographies and citation, click on “Citation Sources.”



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Moorestown Friends School is a community rooted in Quaker values and dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence for a diverse student body within an academically rigorous and balanced program emphasizing personal, ethical and spiritual growth.