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Library Shelving Games

Play this game:  Mrs. Lodge’s Library Shelver

Practice how fiction books are shelved in a library. You may want to click on “Show Alphabet” in the upper right corner.

(Note: In this game, the fiction chapter books begin with FIC, while in our Library we use JF or E for our Lower School fiction).

Play this Dewey Decimal game  Order in the Library! 

Three different games with different levels from beginner to expert. In these games, fiction books begin with F (in the MFS Lower School library, we use JF or E), and biographies begin with B (in the MFS Lower School library we use JB or EB).

Note: This game does not currently work on an iPad device.


Myths from Around the World

You can search this Scholastic website for myths by country and region .

Exploring Everyday Folklore

This Scholastic website from author Nina Joffe explains folklore.

Myths Writing Workshop

This Scholastic website from author Jane Yolen explains about mythology and how to write your own myths with tips, strategies and an interactive brainstorming activity.


Online stories from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) website

Hodja and the Mixed-Up Feet: a Turkish Tale

An online folktale in English and the Turkish language from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) website


Castles for Kids

Learn more about the parts of a castle and how people lived in them. You can print out some coloring pages and a word search activity.

Kid’s Castle

Visit every room in this huge castle to find out who lived there and what happened in each place. Correctly dress a knight in his armor. Meet the cook in the big castle kitchen, and look at medieval recipes. Explore many pages and activities.

National Geographic: Ghosts in the Castle

Help Marcus the Mouse discover who is haunting this castle built in Britain in the 1300’s A. D. Along the way you will learn about food, entertainment, knights, and castle construction in the Middle Ages.

NOVA: Destroy the Castle

An interactive site where you can design your own trebuchet to destroy the castle wall.

Tower of London

Drawings, photos and information about this famouse castle built to be a fortress and prison.

Tower of London Kids Tour

Follow Reginald the Raven to learn about his home, the Tower of London in Great Britain.

Knights of Vertas

This is a non-profit organization specializing in interactive educational demonstrations of medieval arms, armour, combat, knighthood and chivalry.

Simple Machines

Dirtmesiter’s Science Reporters: simple machines

This Scholastic website from geologist Steve Tomecek, a.k.a. “The Dirtmeister” provides links that describe the six Simple Machines.

EdHeads: Simple Machines

Edheads designed these pages of information and interactive content to make hard-to-teach concepts, such as Simple Machines, understandable using the power and interactivity of the Internet.

Elements of Machines

From the “Inventor’s Toolbox” created by the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts, this page explains Simple Machines as well as other Elements of Machines. Follow the links to their interactive games:

Gadget Anatomy and Leonardo’s Mysterious Machinery

Simple Machines Learning Site

The purpose of this web site created with the help of third grade students is to teach elementary students about the six simple machines.

Simple Machines Lesson Plans

25 links to all sorts of information, activity ideas and lesson plans for helping elementary school students to explore the world of Simple Machines

Direct Fit Auto Parts: Simple Machines Used in Autos

This online auto parts store gives a variety of links to funexplanations about simple machines used in automobiles.

Harry Potter

Bloomsbury Children’s Books: Harry Potter

Kidsreads.com: Harry Potter

NLM: Harry Potter’s World

Scholastic: Harry Potter

Scholastic: Meet author J. K. Rowling


MyPyramid.GOV Steps to a Healthier You

Learn about the food pyramid, from the USDA (U. S. Department of Agriculture)

Learn About Nutrition

Information, activities and games from the National Dairy Counci, an organization of U. S. dairy farmers

Nutrition Cafe

Interactive games to learn about nutrition from Seattle’s Pacific Science Center.

Kids World: Nutrition

Information, activities and games, from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.


Information and activities to help make healthy food choices, from CSIP (Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Watch Bob the Alien meets the Dewey Decimal System

The Ten Classes of the Dewey Decimal Classifcation System


Dewey Decimal Classification Glogster

“Dewey Decimal Rap” by Librarian Scooter Hayes

Dewey Decimal Classification System–the ten classes

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